AGELESS is an independent company which has been implementing SAP solutions for business in Ukraine since 2006. We collaborate with over 80 national and international customers, perform complex and non-standard projects on automation of business processes, successfully implement the newest technologies.

In 2019 we became a member of United VARs. This powerful alliance includes 50 leading SAP partners from over 90 countries. These are about 10 thousand certified SAP consultants rendering services to more than 8,000 clients all over the world.

United VARs performs a careful selection of companies to be included to the alliance. Participants must be among the best in their region and meet the highest requirements:

  • availability of successful cases,
  • sufficient sales volumes,
  • staff consisting of certified specialists,
  • internal client support center.

Simultaneously with partnership in United VARs we have obtained the status of SAP SE Platinum Partner and become a single local company in Ukraine with the highest partner status. This recognition is the result of years of effective collaboration with SAP and implementation of the best solutions and technologies for big and medium-sized business.




AGELESS may be defined as “never growing old” and this definition is about us. Our team includes experienced specialists with working experience of over 15 years as well as young consultants. We inspire our clients to make strategic, sometimes revolutionary, decisions for optimization of processes, increasing business transparency and implementing its financial rehabilitation.

The Company started its history in 2006. That was a start in the market which had just been formed. Introduction of Western business models started in Ukraine – the golden age of innovation for large companies that had already reached certain peaks in their development and needed better software solutions to solve their business tasks.

Fozzy Group was one of the first companies where the SAP introduction project further became an example of optimizing retail processes. The basis of our team was formed in this large-scale project.

Since the very first day of its existence AGELESS Company has become an official partner of SAP Ukraine. Over the years of our work we have gained an invaluable experience and have reasonably stated that AGELESS has got a deep expertise and the status of a company with proper competences in implementation of SAP solutions.

We continue to move forward and we have important achievements:

  • 2012. Creating an internal Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE). We were certified and created a client support center — SAP Partner Center of Expertise fully compliant with SAP SE requirements. Every two years the Company is successfully recertified, increases the number of its support clients and proposes new services.
  • 2013. A partner of the SAP University Alliances program. This program is aimed at intellectual capital development and expansion. Therefore, for the purpose of attracting young specialists to the IT consulting sphere AGELESS is actively collaborating with Ukrainian higher educational institutions included to the alliance.
  • 2019. The key partner of the SAP Cloud Focus Partner Program in Ukraine. In line with priorities of SAP SE Company, over the past few years we have been promoting cloud solutions in Ukraine that are designed to meet current business challenges.




Our clients in Ukraine are presented by companies aimed at sustainable development. We render help in standardization of business processes and optimization of expenses through introduction and implementation of SAP solutions.  AGELESS clients work on investment attractiveness and place high demands on financial transparency and business manageability.

Up to date our top priorities include SAP products and solutions that help your business to respond quickly to changing market conditions. These solutions contribute to the successful digital transformation of our clients’ businesses.

Today, company executives want to use modern tools enabling them to make effective management decisions through integrated analytics and machine learning technology.

In order to achieve success in our collaboration with clients we rely on our powerful team of consultants.  Specialists perform non-standard and difficult tasks concerning implementation of solutions, their development, localization and support. This contributes to business modernization and improvement of its efficiency.

AGELESS is a regular participant of business events. A part of our mission is to advance technologies that are changing the world and opening up new opportunities to strengthen our market position and gain sectorial leadership.




He has been at the head of AGELESS since the day of its foundation in 2006. Under Yuriy’s leadership the Company has gained the status of a leading partner of SAP SE and gone through the path from a service partner to a Platinum Partner

The strategic approach to the development of AGELESS has become a leading factor in gaining unique positions in Ukraine – in particular, United VARs membership. The Company works on the national level. Competences of its team members give an opportunity to export maintenance services to European countries.

Yuriy has over 20 years of experience in ERP project management as well as crisis management experience. He acts as a business efficiency improvement consultant with a help of information technologies.


TAISIYA ZUBKO, Consulting Director

She is the Project Manager, SAP business architect in the sphere of management accounting, budgeting, SAP CO, FM consultant. She has experience in implementing SAP solutions of over 15 years.

Taisiya has expert knowledge in various subject areas including budgeting, management accounting, as well as experience in developing and improving techniques of business planning, accounting, and financial analysis.

She is a project audit specialist in budgeting, internal and external financial accounting.



The team of AGELESS brings together over 50 certified specialists with experience of implementing SAP solutions in the wholesale and retail trading, in the sphere of telecommunications, energy production, banking, pharmaceuticals industry, metal industry and mechanical engineering sectors in the public sector.

For the period of project execution our consultants become a part of client’s team and work for achieving a real result – successful implementation of SAP to productive launch of the system with post-production support.

Consultants are the main value and investment of the company. Employees systematically enhance and deepen their competencies in the sphere of SAP as well as in some specialized IT areas. Project managers are certified by SAP and the Ukrainian Project Management Association (UPMA).

We attract specialists with experience of working with SAP solutions to take part in projects. We also offer re-training as SAP consultants to specialists in finance, logistics, business planning, economics, IT, who have a deep understanding of business processes as well as professional and life experience.

AGELESS Company is open to anyone who is ready for changes, mastering new technologies and systematical improvement of professional competencies.

Send your resume with cover letter (content of max 10 MB) to the following email info@ageless.com.ua.