“Business Automation is Right Solution which Require Efficiency and Accuracy,” – the Expert

How will supply chains change after a coronavirus pandemic and how relevant business automation in the new environment? We discussed these important issues with Dr. Muddassir Ahmed, (UАЕ) in an exclusive interview for the AGELESS blog.

Dr. Muddassir has 8 years of experience in developing and implementing supply chain strategies, as well as teaching at international universities.

For the last two years, the expert has acted as a public speaker at leading supply chain conferences around the world. He is also a teacher of master classes in S&OP and inventory management. Moreover, Muddassir Ahmed is the author and blogger, distributing his content in the leading supply chain blog SCMDOJO.

Mr. Muddassir, how does the current situation in the world chsnges supply chains? What do you hear about this from international companies?

The main issue is uncertainty in demand. And the impact of lowering demand to business in terms of managing cost.

Who has suffered the most from the coronavirus situation?

Severe disruptions to incoming and outbound air consignments, trucking, rail cargo, and other transportation means alongside massive port congestion for vessels are generally some gigantic effects to make most expectations.

And although its long-term effects have not entirely played out yet, there are already some lessons about making better preparation as a business towards protecting future sales.

It has already hit 1 Trillion USD of China economy and the Airline industry. Electronics and a few other industries which are heavily depended on supply from China will be impacted.

How important is it at the initial stage to create business needs for process automation?

I don’t think business automation will help in current situation. However, business automation is right solution which require efficiency and accuracy.

You have extensive experience in procurement, what is your opinion on various IT solutions. What solutions have you implemented in your last company?

No, I have not used SAP Ariba, however, we are using SAP as an ERP which suits our requirement.

How will procurement build up after quarantine? What do you need to pay attention to in order to organize processes within the company?

I think the outsourcing of certain centralize business function will increase. For example this certain functions are sourcing, demand planning, network design will be outsourced to experts and used on Freelance Project Basis.


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