SAP Business One Tips: Linking Documents to Project Stages

Senior Project Manager, ERP Projects Architect

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Every project has its duration, depends on human factor, and requires documents to control its performance. All of these contain risk of forgetting, losing or not considering something important, and then wasting time for searching it. Moreover, documents relating to finances, marketing or warehousing are often managed by people not involved in any particular project.

The function of linking documents to actual project stages gives us capabilities to control this risk.

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How it works? Every action or document, created in the system, implies that we act within the framework of certain analytics of incomes or expenditures. A financial project is that kind of analytics. That’s why when for example a payment or sales invoice is created, the system can demand the project’s analytics code.

Next thing is that when you, as the project manager, open your project, the system notifies you that a document was created within the framework of the project, and if for some reason it wasn’t linked to the project stage automatically, you can associate it with a relevant project stage or deny it as not relating to the project.

In any case, the process of document creation remains under your full control.

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