SAP Business One Tips: Relationship Map – the Whole Picture of the Business at Your Fingertips

Senior Project Manager, ERP Projects Architect

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The need to control your business is permanent. It’s especially important to understand where a process has started and trace to the chain of events that led to a certain situation. As a rule, it is required to look through a lot of registers and documents, detect connections between them and find out which documents were created on the basis on those which had attracted your attention. It takes a lot of time and requires great patience and vigilance.

With the Relationship map functionality, it takes one click to see the whole chain of a process in the graphical view.

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While looking through a customer’s order, you may need to find out how many goods have been shipped, how many payments have come, which contract governs this order, and what taxes have been accrued for it.

Or, for example, you need to see which order has a cancelled sale to reimburse the price of a product, that has broken right after sale.

It’s very easy!

While viewing the order you need, you can open the Relationship map via the context menu and get access to the graphical scheme of the whole chain of documents related to that order: starting from the commercial offer and finishing with the payment invoice, confirmation of delivery or cancellation of the order.

This whole scheme is interactive, and color indication shows balance of debts and movement of goods at present. Right after clicking on the document’s icon, you can see the detailed information, all the way to transactions, related to the document.

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