Career in AGELESS


AGELESS is a consulting company that has been inspiring its clients to take strategic, sometimes revolutionary, decisions for optimizing business-processes, increasing transparency and financial recovery of business since 2006.

In other words: we have been developing our clients’ business. For this goal we introduce and support ІТ-solutions of the German SAP company, one of the world leaders enterprise management solutions. Among our clients are both – Ukrainian branches of international companies and important Ukrainian business.

Our main value is our consultants who study carefully each client’s case, offer optimal solutions and accompany the entire process of its implementation.
SAP consultant is one of the most interesting and prestigious professions in IT consulting. He/she would work in various projects, immerse him/herself in the specifics of each company and offer solutions that perfectly fit the needs of the client and contribute to the achievement of his/her business goals.




The idea of our business is that we bring enterprising people together who want to improve themselves, participate in interesting projects and promote the development of companies through SAP solutions.

Who we are as an employer:

The word “AGELESS” means “independent from age”, and it is not accidental. Our team brings together both experienced professionals with more than 15 years of experience and young consultants. We have created a friendly atmosphere of trust and experience sharing, where skilled professionals share knowledge with newcomers, and newcomers bring new ideas and solutions that help moving forward.

We are interested in attracting both highly qualified and young professionals with no work experience who can find their vocation and find themselves among the most promising professions in the field of IT- consulting. The profession of SAP consultant opens a possibility to work with clients and businesses in any country of the world.

Thanks to the AGELESS’s deep expertise our consultants have the opportunity to work in various areas of business, immerse themselves in the details of specifics of clients and constantly develop themselves.

Who we are looking for:

If you are a quick learner, like to analyze and see into the details, strive to bring things to an end, know how to communicate in a win-win style and your English level is B2 or higher – you are our ideal candidate!

What do we offer:

  • Financial advantage, that will grow in proportion to the acquired skills and knowledge.
  • Benefits: health insurance, corporate cellphone connections, remote work format (or work on the client’s side), paid
  • Professional growth: SAP certifications at the expenses of the Company, individual training and professional development plan for each employee.
  • Participation in dream projects: get a unique experience based on real cases and interesting innovative projects of Ukrainian and overseas industry leaders who are examples of work with SAP solutions both in Ukraine and internationally.
  • Team and leader support: our corporate culture is based on trust, cooperation and mutual respect, and more experienced colleagues will always be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you.
  • Career building: you can grow from a newcomer level to an expert, from a К0 intern to a K4-K5 project leader or higher with us!