Webinar “Manufacturing Management for Small and Medium Businesses with the Industry Solution from SAP – Beas Manufacturing”

In the modern market economy, manufacturing enterprises often face necessity to make decisions on the spot and to manage the manufacturing process in real time. To obtain this goal, they need:

  • To have a solution providing optimal supply chains.
  • To plan manufacturing tasks in a flexible manner and modify these tasks with uncertain external factors in mind.
  • To provide goods of high quality.
  • To provide relevant services to each customer in the required amount.

Events_Webinar Beas Manufacturing

At the webinar, which takes place on November, the 2nd, we will introduce the complex solution for manufacturing management, designed for small and medium businesses. It allows to plan and govern complex technological processes, control manufacturing expenses, maintain consistent quality control, and respond to any changes on time.

This event will be useful for: owners of manufacturing enterprises, manufacturing and development managers, heads of planning and quality control departments, as well as chief information officers.

Date and time: November, 2nd, 15:00 – 16:30 CEET, AGELESS online office.

Speaker: Anatolii Kharechko, project manager, ERP projects architect.

Main questions:

  1. How to plan the needed amount of manufacturing resources to fulfil demand.
  2. How to plan the flow of raw materials to ensure maximum resource efficiency.
  3. What is the margin provided by this production order at all levels of the technological process?

Participation in the webinar is free. Working languages: Russian, Ukrainian.

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