Webinar. Signavio Process Manager as a part of RISE with SAP. Process management towards changes

When planning the development of information infrastructure, it is very important to consider and realize all the special aspects of your business. Those specifically define an authenticity of your company on the market. Every detail is important, every special aspect, that makes the clients choose you among others.


At the webinar on May 20th we will tell you about a tool that allows shaping a coordinated vision of all the processes in a company or each process separately, visualize them in an understandable form for everyone and automate the procedure of their transition to the uttermost into a new environment.

We are inviting heads of the business development departments, CIOs, directors of projects management, directors of competence and support of software solutions, business-processes analytics, projects sponsors and customers, changes initiators.


Topic of the event: “Signavio Process Manager as a part of RISE with SAP.  Process management towards changes”.

Date and time of the event: June 17th at 15.00-16.30, AGELESS online cabinet.


Webinar speaker

Kharechko Anatoliy – Senior Project Manager, ERP Projects Architect.


Matters in point

  1. “RISE” proposal – transition into the “Cloud” strategy.
  2. First step of transition. Ensuring formalization and optimization of business processes.
  3. Signavio Process Manager. Getting to know the formalization and realization tool of business processes managementа. Supported notations.
    1. Responsibility matrix.
    2. KPIs of processes.
    3. Control and risks.
    4. Fast processes constructor.
    5. Identification of bottlenecks in processes. Construction of “Heat maps”.
    6. Environment of interaction of employees for the approval of documents.
    7. Migration of processes to the ERP. Integration with the SAP® Solution Manager.
  4. Signavio Process Manager deployment architecture options.
  5. Where to start.

The topic of the webinar will be interesting for those companies that seek to optimize enterprise processes, as well as make them convenient and understandable for their employees. We offer to carry out the digital business transition routinely and competently, using the best technologies and leading modern tools.

We will be glad to see you at our webinar. Looking forward to meet you!

Participation is free of charge. Languages of the webinar: Russian, Ukrainian.

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