AAGELESS Took Part in the Prestigious SMB Innovation Summit for SAP Partners

During the period from February 19 to 21, the SMB Innovation Summit was held in Palma de Majorca, and it was attended by employees and partners of SAP SE Company. AGELESS as Platinum SAP Partner was represented by Stanislav Stryzh, the head of SAP Business One department.

“This is the biggest event for SAP partners working on implementation of SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign solutions (not localized for Ukraine, – Ed.). The Summit was attended by partners with horizontal and vertical SAP Business One based solutions that are being implemented at client companies. These are sectorial solutions and functional solutions – for production, retail, travel business, real estate management, etc.”, – Stanislav Stryzh informed.

With the help of developed extensions based on SAP Business One, the customer can cover all key business processes and current tasks. Operations are taking place in a single system.

During the summit, partners presented solutions verified and certified by the vendor. This is an SAP rule that allows for exchange of reliable and trusted developments upon the client’s request. Just select the appropriate module, connect it to the system, configure it and use it.

“An advantage of such solutions is that they are maintained and developed by development companies with a deep sectorial expertise. As solutions are implemented in various countries, international business experience of various levels is gained on the user feedback basis. It also contributes to the development and improvement of solutions” Stanislav Stryzh noted.

During the summit the AGELESS representative discussed with the partners (Boyum IT A / S – Denmark) – implementation of a module for production optimization in Ukraine. That is an actual issue for the domestic economy.

“The module has already been used by several thousand companies worldwide. And it is now available in Ukraine for AGELESS clients. Thanks to flexibility of this solution, we can cover the tasks of large enterprises with complex business processes such as mechanical engineering, chemical industry and food industry. SAP certification is a guarantee that the solution has the appropriate level of support from the vendor, and that it is adjusted specifically for client’s tasks never requiring a separate code to be written” Stanislav Stryzh emphasized.

At the summit there were reports, presentations, and professional discussions. That helps to improve the quality of the sectorial expertise, and provides new opportunities for relevant partnership solutions to be offered to partners.

 “Establishing relationships during such events gives an opportunity to attract the best experts for solving client’s tasks. And namely experts who are perfectly well-versed in a certain sector or separate business processes” Stanislav Stryzh resumed.

SMB Innovation Summit is held annually and it gathers leading sectorial experts, helps to organize partnership with successful leaders, and choose the right solutions giving an opportunity to guide clients through a smart entrepreneurial path.

In 2020 over 50 companies from Europe, CIS countries and Africa took part in the event. The total number of guests was over 1200 persons.