AGELESS at the SUP Day Forum 2021

The long-awaited offline forum of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP) took place on the 10th of July. This is a unique platform that connects Ukrainian CEOs and top managers and helps market leaders share their experience. This year’s event was focused on overcoming mental limitations and scaling businesses despite the ongoing crisis.


This is how Kateryna Glazkova, Executive Director at SUP, described the theme of the event: “Today we talk about business without borders. Or, to be more exact, about tearing down these borders and crossing them. You’ve infused the topic with several meanings: we’ll talk about international borders, about the new post-COVID world, and about mental limitations.”

Here’s a sneak peek of the presentations that were delivered at the Forum:

  • How to find the courage to launch a massive rebrand during a crisis
  • How to make your brand more recognizable and your team more loyal
  • Strategies employed by startup CEOs during the pandemic (and why these CEOs chose to build their businesses in Ukraine)
  • How to choose a strategy for managing and modernizing a manufacturing enterprise according to market demands
  • How the biggest companies stay flexible while introducing groundbreaking technologies
  • How to reorganize business processes for easy scaling
  • Innovative technologies and approaches worth implementing in modern manufacturing enterprises
  • How to enter international markets (even during a crisis)

AGELESS on SUP DAY FORUM 2021_image 3

The event was attended by almost 200 entrepreneurs from different industries.

AGELESS has been an SUP member for several years, actively participating in various SUP events. During this year’s forum, our representative Anna Titarenko held a series of business meetings with current and potential SAP clients.

AGELESS on SUP DAY FORUM 2021_image 2

It is great to see that Ukraine’s business community is always focused on innovation and finding the best solutions for business growth. The SUP Day Forum is another proof of this. 

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Our upcoming events are also aimed at providing entrepreneurs with more tools for realizing their most ambitious ideas.

On June 16th, you’re invited to a SAP webinar from the Intelligent Finance series. In this webinar, which is aimed at entrepreneurs from the CEE region, we talk about how we implemented SAP S/4HANA at INTERTOP UKRAINE. 

On June 17th, we held a webinar dedicated to managing business processes and titled Signavio Process Manager as a part of RISE with SAP: Process management on the path towards transformation.