AGELESS Confirms its Partner Status for SAP Customer Support

On May 30, AGELESS repeatedly confirmed its status as an SAP partner by obtaining a new certificate granted by  Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE).

SAP SE keep thorough control over the quality of services provided through its partner network in Ukraine. The vendor thereby supports the image of a world leader in the field of high-quality products for automation of business and services rendered along with them. Every two years SAP partners undergo certification of partner centre of expertise to be eligible for support of SAP solutions and get comprehensively audited.

More insights have been provided by AGELESS Deputy Consulting Director Maryna Savchyna.

— Maryna, can you tell us about the benefits AGELESS obtains after getting certified by Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE)?

— The key advantage for AGELESS is eligibility to provide support for SAP solutions. The PCoE certificate says that the partner company meets SAP quality standards and is authorised to act on behalf of SAP SE in dealing with customers.

— What kind of support a partner is entitled to provide?

— Thanks to its own Partner Centre of Expertise, AGELESS provides its customers with SAP Enterprise Support and SAP Standard Support services. Support level 1 and 2 involves accepting customer application, advising them on possible methods of solution using ready-to-use standard services and processes, or providing a range of consulting services including the involvement of sector-specific experts. Customer queries directly reach SAP only when SAP program code needs to be finalised or a complex issue concerning the system core has to be addressed.

— Maryna, what does a customer get by entering into a Support Contract with AGELESS?

— Having such a multi-level support, the customer gets an assurance that its business objectives will be met on time, while corporate resources can be used to develop company strategy and to plan further business growth. In addition, our set of services includes proactive monitoring and control over system operation that ensures timely identification and elimination of causes for potential problems. As a result, our customer is protected from unexpected system operation accidents or failures.

— What are the consequences for a partner who fails to pass regular recertification?

— Being a partner of SAP SE is serious responsibility. If a company partner fails to get certified, SAP has to cancel the PCoE status, switches customers to direct support, and charges penalties — Delta Billing. Since the moment of establishment in 2006, AGELESS has been successfully recertified every two years. The number of support customers grows bigger owing to this fact.

— How difficult it is to be audited as Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE)?

— In fact, the audit is not that complex. What is more labour-intensive and critical for a partner is the compliance with all SAP standards and requirements regarding daily support of our customers. This means strict compliance with SLA, proper execution of documents set forth in contracts with clients, as well as observance of customer interaction work flow that involves readiness audit, technical measures to configure network for operational interaction, setting up incident routing, etc. To be audited, it is vital to meet all the aforementioned criteria and SAP requirements covering partner support services, as well as to have a list of documents proving successful observance of the same.

— How many companies do you support now?

— Today we serve 15 companies in the framework of SAP Enterprise Support and SAP Standard Support program. In addition, we receive many inquiries regarding consulting support, development of existing systems, and localisation of SAP solutions. Owing to our Partner Centre of Expertise and a staff of certified experts, we do our best to satisfy all requests and always meet SAP SE standards to maintain SAP Gold Partner status.