AGELESS Presented Beas Manufacturing Solutions to Ukrainian Businesses

On November 2, AGELESS held a webinar titled “Production Management for SMB with Beas Manufacturing, the industry solution for SAP”. There were over 180 guests, among them business owners, directors and their deputies, as well as managers responsible for production optimization.

The webinar was hosted by Anatoliy Kharechko, Project Manager and ERP Project Architect.
Anna Titarenko, Head of SAP Business One, SAP CX, SAP Ariba, moderated the webinar.



The webinar was dedicated to common problems in production management and ways to solve them with Beas Manufacturing.

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Beas Manufacturing is the development of our European partners Boyum IT, who have more than 17 years of experience in the development and successful implementation of the system for the manufacturing industry. The Beas Manufacturing solution is fully integrated with SAP Business One and embodies global best practices.

Most of the webinar showed Beas Manufacturing in action.


Many small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing sector face such problems as:

  • limited ability to plan the timing of orders due to a lack of operational understanding of the resources required for each order
  • reduction of productivity due to the inability to quickly optimize the load on the resources of the enterprise, especially if there are unexpected external factors
  • significant costs for calculating the margin of production
  • lack of access to real-time production information.

All these problems can be solved with the help of Beas Manufacturing.

“In my opinion, Beas Manufacturing is one of the best-designed solutions for manufacturing companies that I have come across in the ERP market, and I have been working in the ERP market for about 20 years. This solution is designed to answer the classic questions that are usually faced by our manufacturing companies,”  said Anatoliy Kharechko.

With centralized information and easy access to real-time data, it|s possible to reduce the production cycle time and save money.