“Паркетные Идеи”: Rapid Small Business Development with SAP Business One

AGELESS has completed another successful project and implemented SAP Business One at “Паркетные Идеи”. The entire project, from setting up the initial infrastructure to providing system maintenance support, lasted only 6 months.

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What matters most for a business when its management decides to start a new ERP project?

Adherence to the project implementation deadlines, a guarantee that the chosen system is really effective, and a team of high-level professionals implementing the project. Because we could fulfill all the above mentioned criteria, it only took “Паркетные Идеи” a few months to appreciate the effectiveness of the new system and the potential for business growth that it brings.


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“Паркетные Идеи”  is a small family business that was founded in 2007. The company offers a full range of services from choosing the optimal flooring to post-warranty service. Today there are 2 showrooms in Kharkiv, which serve more than 100 customers every month and offer a wide range of floor coverings from the best Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers.

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“The “Паркетные Идеи” brand is working on bringing the ideas of coziness and comfort to life for our customers,” said the co-owner of the company, Commercial Director Iryna Spokoyna.

As is the case with most small businesses, the company’s core processes were managed in several software systems. As a result, there was no holistic picture of the state of the business.

At one stage of development, the company’s management came to the conclusion that further growth requires an easily scalable system that will meet business needs. It should provide:

  • Full control of financial management
  • Optimization and coordinated operation of all major processes of the company
  • The ability to see a holistic picture of business in real time
  • Reducing the impact of the “human factor” in processing orders

Therefore, it was decided to implement a modern powerful ERP system that would allow planning a business development strategy for 5 or more years ahead.

Communication with European partners finally convinced the founders of “Паркетные Идеи” to choose SAP Business One, a transparent system that makes scaling businesses easy by relying on global best practices.



SAP Business One was implemented according to the Light Offer methodology, specially developed by AGELESS for the needs of small businesses. The Light Offer approach is a ready-made package of services that allows to quickly implement global best practices and lay a solid foundation for future business scaling.

The project consisted of 4 stages:

  • software installation;
  • user training;
  • system configuration and GAP solutions;
  • maintenance of productive operation.

Full implementation from preparing the conceptual project to the launch took 6 months.



With SAP Business One, “Паркетные идеи” enjoys convenient product accounting, transparent warehouse management as well as effective sales and service order management. 

By combining all the company’s business processes in a single digital space, the number of errors when processing orders has decreased by 90% – and this is a significant reduction of costs.

Finances are under full control, and the mobile application allows the company’s management to control all business processes in real time and to coordinate orders while being in any corner of the world. 

Because the SAP Business One system is flexible and easily adaptable to the objectives of any business, “Паркетные Идеи” can implement the most ambitious plans for the future. The company plans to connect IP telephony, set up additional marketing tools for customer interaction, and establish synchronization with the online store.

Plans for the near future include expanding the network of showrooms across all of Ukraine’s major cities.

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“SAP Business One opens up new opportunities for our growth: we can expand the company’s processes easily, with a development strategy in mind. The rich functionality of the system is the tool that lets us quickly adapt to market changes and be one step ahead of our competitors,” – said Serhii Volodymyrovych Spokoyny, director of the company.

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