RISE with SAP: Business Transformation as a Service

On January 27th, 2021, SAP presented RISE with SAP, a unique offering for companies that want to optimize their business processes, implement global best practices, and complete a comprehensive transformation to become intelligent enterprises.

This is how Christian Klein, CEO at SAP SE, explained the new offering:

“Geopolitical tensions, environmental challenges and the ongoing pandemic are forcing businesses to deal with change faster than ever before. Companies that can adapt their business processes quickly will thrive — and SAP can help them achieve this. This is what RISE with SAP is all about: it helps customers continuously unlock new ways of running businesses in the cloud to stay ahead of their industry.”

RISE with SAP is a bundle of products and services that help every enterprise transform at its own pace and on its own terms.

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Digital business transformation with RISE with SAP is a complex process with three key steps.

Redesigning business processes

SAP relies both on its expertise gained by working with more than 400.000 customers across 25 industries and on AI technology. Customers can analyze existing business processes, benchmark them against industry standards and easily adapt them to new business demands and challenges.

Enabling technical migration

RISE with SAP includes a bundle of services that help move to flexible modular solution landscapes and ensure a consistent data layer. This is the key to reacting quickly when new demands arise.

Technical migration also involves getting rid of unnecessary modifications and custom code. Everything takes place with the constant support of technical architects to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Building an intelligent enterprise

The journey towards an intelligent enterprise is facilitated by:

  • cloud infrastructure provided by SAP data centers and other hyperscalers
  • SAP Business Technology Platform that ensures a seamless integration of all tools developed by SAP and its partners
  • access to SAP Business Network that lets enterprises manage supply chains in real time, react to market changes and take potential risks into account
  • implementing SAP S/4HANA Cloud with built-in AI, RPA and analytics
  • access to over 2200 APIs to ensure integration with other systems (both cloud-based and on-premise). This lets customers steer their enterprise in real time.

All these products and services are bundled into a single contract, which will greatly simplify  transforming the enterprise and collaborating with SAP and its partner ecosystem in order to achieve business objectives.



Absolutely. RISE with SAP lets enterprises achieve real results and implement world-class IT solutions faster than ever. With RISE with SAP, companies can quickly adapt to any kind of market instability and gain a decisive advantage over the competition.

In addition, RISE with SAP boasts a lower TCO compared to traditional ERP implementations, which makes RISE with SAP more affordable for medium-sized enterprises.

One of the advantages of SAP solutions is close collaboration with its partner ecosystem. AGELESS implements the most efficient solutions developed by SAP SE. We are a reliable partner on our customers’ journey towards digital transformation:

  • We have many years of experience in implementing business management projects.
  • We are ready to accompany our customers during all stages of implementing SAP solutions, from pre-project assessments to post-production support.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to solve our customers’ challenges, no matter how complex.