SAP Business One Europe News

How to promote the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine? This question was the main theme of the meeting of AGELESS employees with the European leadership of SAP Business One of the SAP SE.

SAP SE’s Channel Enablement & Solution Expert shared knowledge on the leading add-on development methodologies for ERP SAP Business One. The system is so flexible and open for development that on the basis of SAP Business One today there are a large number of ready-made horizontal and vertical solutions. These applications and settings are widely used by companies all over the world, are becoming more and more popular and cover a wider range of business tasks and business lines.

Moreover, there are several dozen mobile applications of SAP Business One. Some of them are freely available on the Google Play Market and App Store. For example, you can easily find mobile solutions for sales management, provision of services, goods delivery services, procurement management and many others.

Colleagues from Europe told AGELESS specialists about the existing tools for system implementation, which facilitate and accelerate the project implementation process, and noted that SAP Business One is the most popular management system for small and medium-sized businesses in Europe. And since Ukraine is increasingly focused on doing business in accordance with international standards, the system will be a reliable foundation for Ukrainian startups focused on bringing their products to the international market. In addition, the main technical aspects of the implementation of projects for Ukrainian business were discussed at the meeting.

Such productive networking by the AGELESS team and SAP SE representatives takes place every six months, thanks to which our experts are able to offer clients the most recent experience in implementing solutions for business development.