SAP Fieldglass Webinar: Effective Involvement of Freelancers to Reduce Staff Costs

On July 14, AGELESS together with partners and co-organizers Deloitte, SAP Ukraine and held a webinar “Effective involvement of freelancers to reduce staff costs”. The event was attended by 90 people, more than half of online viewers voted in interactive polls during the webinar.



The labor market is changing and the processes of employment too. Increasingly, companies are choosing to cooperate with freelancers on temporary projects or seasonal work. At the same time, technologies are being developed to simplify the interaction between employer and employee.

The main issues of the webinar were:

  • Deloitte: Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends: alternative employment. Strategic planning in the management of alternative forms of employment. Best practices for staff involvement at the strategic level and interaction with employees of alternative categories.
  • SAP Ukraine: How to measure the efficiency of freelancers and get quality work results. How to reduce labor costs and time to find staff. How with SAP Fieldglass reduce the cost of freelance staff. Features and benefits of the SAP Fieldglass system.
  • AGELESS: Demonstration of the functionality of the software solution for the selection of freelancers – SAP Fieldglass.
  • Part-time employment and remote work, quarantine trends.

Webinar speakers were:

  • Olena Boychenko, Director of Human Capital Advisory Services at Deloitte in Ukraine.
  • Andrey Polygaev, Procurement Solutions Expert, SAP SE.
  • Daryna Kozhushko, Administrative Manager, SAP Ukraine.
  • Bogdan Yatsyura, Senior Product Manager,
  • Igor Lupan, SAP Ariba & SAP Fieldglass Solutions Expert, AGELESS.

Experts highlighted various aspects of remote work, from labor market trends to a clear demonstration of the capabilities of SAP Fieldglass.



Alternative employment is a 2020 trend. According to a study by Global Human Capital Trends, 42% of respondents in Ukraine believe that the availability of additional sources to attract staff will be most important for understanding issues related to the personnel of organizations in the future.

80% of respondents believe that radical changes in job content, career building and job responsibilities due to the use of artificial intelligence and new employment models will have a strong or an extraordinarily strong impact on the success of organizations in 2030.

These data were presented by the director of Human Capital Advisory Services of Deloitte in Ukraine Olena Boychenko.

“Anyone who today, in 2020, understands the importance of alternative forms of employment, and the deep trends that explain why such changes are taking place and are preparing for them, and are already using modern technology, will definitely benefit from those who ignore that this trend”, the expert said.

Olena Boychenko added that the trend of alternative employment requires a strategy and the use of modern technologies to attract and manage freelance staff.


Andriy Polygaev, an expert on SAP SE procurement solutions, fully agrees with Ms. Boychenko.

“The company can solve almost half of the tasks with the help of external employees. They form the intellectual capital, resources, energy of the organization, but at the same time do not fit into the usual model. That is why SAP has developed a new solution SAP Fieldglass, which is responsible for the proper organization of the work of these employees”, the expert said.

The solution is integrated into SAP’s product portfolio and is responsible for effectively managing the costs associated with contractors and freelancers. SAP Fieldglass allows you to:

  • select a service provider of the appropriate level and qualification,
  • get the best price,
  • make comparisons between applicants,
  • agree on the scope of work,
  • provide employee access to the office and IT systems,
  • monitor the execution of works and deadlines,
  • close documents and accesses.

At the same time, the efficiency of implementation increases and compliance with project deadlines improves.



20% of SAP employees are freelance. This was said by the administrative manager of SAP Ukraine Daryna Kozhushko, who said about the flexibility of remote personnel management.

For example, most employees of the leading financial center SAP in Prague (Czech Republic) work remotely. However, it provides an electronic document management service and supports the entire region, which includes Europe and Africa.

The program covers the management of freelancers from the application for a candidate to the final payments to the agency and the closing of the contract. At every stage, SAP Fieldglass helps to simplify the process. Only one application is submitted, which reflects the requirements for the candidate. The search begins immediately, in accordance with the procedures of your company”, the expert said.

The platform optimizes and simplifies the process of hiring and interacting with a freelancer. In fact, the factor of human error is excluded. All reminders for subtotals and deadlines come automatically. Payment is made through ERP systems.

“This is the full life cycle of freelance management and the opportunity to play on the same field with contractors such as outsourcing or out staffing agency. At the same time, you have the opportunity to manage all categories of freelance staff, standardize and simplify personnel management processes, Daryna Kozhushko summed up.


AGELESS SAP Ariba & SAP Fieldglass solutions expert Igor Lupan demonstrated the possibilities of a freelance recruitment solution.


Bohdan Yatsyura, Senior Product Manager of the portal, showed on the example of vacancy analysis and resumes how the online retail segment works and gradually transfers office staff to remote work. More information coming soon in a special blog on the AGELESS website.

You can get a webinar presentation here.