Signavio Process Manager: A New Process Management Tool

On June 17th, AGELESS held a webinar titled “Signavio Process Manager as a component of RISE with SAP: Process management on the way towards change”. Project manager and ERP project architect Anatoliy Kharechko covered various usage scenarios for Signavio Process Manager.



The webinar covered three key topics:

  • Strategies for transitioning to the cloud with RISE with SAP.
  • The basics of Signavio Process Manager.
  • Use scenarios for Signavio Process Manager.

Mr. Kharechko also shared links to valuable resources and answered questions.

To download the slide deck, leave your contact information on the webinar page.



“As a rule, we often customize our systems… this causes problems when migrating to new versions. And behind this technical problem, a serious business problem is looming. Migration difficulties prevent the business from moving forward and embracing new technologies,” Kharechko said.

This results in a dilemma: businesses either have to invent time and resources into migrating all their customizations to a new ERP version or to stick with the old version, missing out on the benefits of newer versions. RISE with SAP provides a solution.

The goal of RISE with SAP is transforming businesses into intelligent enterprises, and the transformation starts with redesigning existing business processes.

The tool that SAP offers for this is called Signavio Process Manager.




Signavio Process Manager can import and optimize existing processes, but it can also be used to design processes from scratch. In addition to this, Signavio Process Manager can import ready-made processes from SAP Best Practice.

“When I started working with this product, I simply fell in love with it… it’s quite convenient and intuitive, and clients respond to it very well,” confessed Anatoli Kharechko.