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14 / 12 / 2021

Support for the SAP ECC 6.0 ERP system will continue until 2027. But business transformation will not wait. Why migrate to SAP S/4HANA right now without waiting for ECC 6.0 support to end? Oleg Ustymenko, SAP Solutions Architect, explains.

09 / 12 / 2020

The volatility of the global economy and billions of dollars in losses from the coronavirus have proven that the sustainability and success of a company today directly depends on risk and supplier management, Supply Chain security and the harmonious interaction of all departments at all levels.

29 / 12 / 2021

До Нового Року залишаються лічені дні. В повітрі розноситься аромат мандарин та свої, і ми з приємним хвилюванням підводимо підсумки цього року та будуємо плани на наступний. Команда AGELESS вітає вас із Новим Роком та Різдвом! Дякуємо, що ви з нами!

05 / 11 / 2021

On November 2, AGELESS held a webinar titled “Production Management for SMB with Beas Manufacturing, the industry solution for SAP”. There were over 180 guests, among them business owners, directors and their deputies, as well as managers responsible for production optimization.

01 / 10 / 2021

On November, the 2nd takes place the webinar for Manufacturing owners and general managers of small and medium businesses. Register!

11 / 05 / 2021

Learn about a new tool in the SAP portfolio that allows you to shape a coordinated vision of all the processes in a company or each process separately, visualize them in an understandable form for everyone and automate the procedure of their transition to the uttermost into a new environment.