SAP Analytics

Business success often depends on prompt and proper decision-making at every level of a company. It is commonly known that each company employee must have a valid and dynamic variable reporting, which can be easily generated without additional involvement of company’s engineers. To achieve these goals, a product must be easy to use, dynamic in terms of reporting, and integrable with various sources of information.

SAP Business Objects is a cutting-edge solution in the field of business analytics for companies of any size. This solution offers a variety of BI functions, from building analytics dashboards and flexible reports to ensuring integration of various applications and ensuring the integrity of information.

Once the system deployed, the company obtains a user-friendly BI platform full of various capabilities:

  • Flexible means of business analytics tailored to business.
  • Means of access to information protected from unauthorized access free from any errors.
  • Embedded scheduler – update and scheduled circulation of reports in different formats both within platform portal and outside thereof to external emails.
  • Possibility of integration with various databases.

SAP Planning and Consolidation

This is a robust application for planning and consolidation, which meets all budgeting, planning, and reporting requirements. This standalone solution supports the entire range of financial and operations planning needs top-down and bottom-up, as well as consolidation processes necessary to ensure seamless and timely financial analysis. The result is confidence about the compliance with increasing strict regulations and reporting requirements around the world.

SAP Analytics

To ensure timely and reasonably correct decision-making by experts of your company, it is vital to have reliable and timely information provided in an easy-to-analyse format. SAP provides numerous tools available for creating any reports based on it products for each functional area, tailored subject to specificity of certain business sectors. SAP analytics applications can handle various data sources and IT environments. They have tools to manage data for a particular industry or sector, thereby ensuring quick return on investment. Take advantage of processes adapted to unique needs of your industry and organise your processes: from forecasting and ensuring regulatory compliance to service delivery and daily monitoring of key performance indicators. SAP analytics will make your business more flexible, while your company will get new competitive advantages.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Research, analyse, plan, forecast, and collaborate in a unified cloud environment designed to accumulate knowledge and experience. Get access to all the data and insert analytics directly into business processes to instantly see faster actions.

  • Deployment to cloud
  • Real-time analytics
  • Special inquiries
  • Collaboration tools