SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba’s business network represents a new stage of building a procurement management system. By going beyond the management of operational procurement processes within a company and establishment of an e-marketplace, Ariba has created a unique business community comprised of more than 2.5 million companies from all over the world for doing business together.

SAP Ariba is an absolutely complete set of cloud solutions for processes “from supplier selection to payment”. This is a single platform for cooperation, contracting, and doing business between suppliers and buyers.

Single interface for buyers searching for vendors and ordering products or services, and for company departments working out purchase requirements.

Procurement department can significantly affect the operations of the global supply chain.

SAP Ariba Key Advantages

  • Cost-saving owing to scale and improved management through competence centres
  • Cost reduction owing to automation of data extraction and processes
  • Personnel efficiency increase owing to process optimization including approval via mobile devices
  • Decreased number of errors at the starting point
  • Optimization of working capital management owing to improved transparency of cash needs
  • Efficient use of supplier discounts including dynamic discounting

SAP Ariba Cloud Solutions


The solution connects your company to the world’s largest business community. Owing to Procure-to-Pay, you will be able to quickly find the suppliers of any goods and services, cooperate, and handle any order — from filing an application to making a payment. Owing to control and high transparency, it is possible to significantly simplify the process that ensures compliance with regulated requirements. Working as efficiently as possible, your company will buy goods and services from the best suppliers at the right time and at a reasonable price.

Contract Management

Ariba Contract Management helps lawyers, financiers, as well as procurement and sales experts dealing with contracts to manage all types of contracts including procurement and sale contracts, as well as internal agreements. This solution makes it possible to draw up the most profitable contracts, since Ariba Contract Management supports both critical stages of contract life cycle:

  • Contract management supports the entire process from contract conclusion request to preparation, negotiation, approval, and drawing up of the same using electronic signatures
  • Liability management allows not only monitoring the compliance with all regulatory requirements and work efficiency owing to task reminders, search capabilities, and report creation, but also renewing contracts.

Spend less time on paperwork and more on building relationships with suppliers. This is the only way to guarantee the conclusion of the most profitable deals, to save more costs, and to ensure significant competitive advantage.

SAP Ariba Sourcing

Effective search of suppliers and management of information about them are extremely critical to make supplier selection successful. However, many companies fail to obtain relevant information on this issue. Strategic sourcing is the best way to positively affect the volume of costs, the quality and the efficiency of the supply chain, as well as one of the fastest ways to reduce costs and increase revenues.

Ariba Sourcing is the most common comprehensive solution on the market for strategic selection of vendor, used by thousands of companies for conclusion and implementation of contracts and ensures maximum benefit.

Supplier Performance Management

Ariba Supplier Performance Management (SPM) allows you to define, measure, and combine supplier performance indicators and act based on these indicators including through pooling of quantitative and qualitative information and cooperation with suppliers. It helps to improve relationships with suppliers and to minimise the risks of supply chains.

SAP Ariba Spend Analysis

Ariba Spend Visibility is a unique solution designed to help bring visibility into your spend and supply base helping you find the optimal balance between cost, revenue, and demand expectations.

In order to increase the efficiency of sourcing and the level of funds saving, it is necessary to achieve full transparency of data on organisational costs and suppliers. Based on SAP HANA platform, Ariba Spend Visibility solution provides comprehensive overview of your expenses, supplier data, and relevant information on markets, allowing you to get a full picture of the situation, which is needed to make balanced decisions.