SAP Fieldglass – Vendor Management


Alternative employment is a trend that will continue for a long time and gain momentum with the development of technologies for the organization of remote work. However, such an approach to hiring employees, controlling the quality and timeliness of tasks requires a strategy and implementation of solutions that greatly facilitate the restructuring of business processes.



SAP Fieldglass is an SAP cloud product that already helps address current staffing issues and enables strategic HR policy planning.

According to SAP statistics, external employees can solve up to 44% of the company’s tasks, regardless of the industry. At present, it is human resources that will later accumulate the company’s energy, feed it with useful ideas and participate in the formation of strategies.

Modern technologies make it possible to integrate external workers into internal processes, policies and procedures as much as possible. At the same time, it is possible to create a system of effective communication and interaction.

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SAP Fieldglass is a specialized solution that is responsible for the correct organization of freelance work. Integrates into the overall process of automated business management, in particular, SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP. Also compatible with SAP Ariba – a cloud solution that is responsible for procurement.

SAP Fieldglass controls:

  • conditions and conclusion of agreements;
  • contractors and external workers,
  • goods and materials needed for work;
  • business trips and travel expenses;
  • payment of salaries and fees.

The solution also allows you to find the necessary contractors or form a team to implement the project.

SAP Fieldglass belongs to the line of cost management solutions and is responsible for the effective cost management of contractors and freelancers. The condition for quality work of the system is the strategy of forms of employee management, employee involvement, etc.

There must be a clear vision:

  • for which projects exactly personnel are needed;
  • what functions will be assigned to employees;
  • what exactly team members should do at each stage of execution.

As a result, the final documents are received in the module of financial management to ensure accounting.



The solution covers the complex of management of freelancers from the application for the search of the candidate to the final payments and the closing of the contract. This is as follows:

  • the supplier of the appropriate level and qualification is selected;
  • bids are accepted from potential contractors or vendors;
  • key parameters for selecting the most appropriate candidate or team are compared;
  • the scope of work and the contract with the selected contractor are agreed;
  • necessary access is provided – to the office (if necessary), IT-system, etc .;
  • control over the execution of works is performed;
  • documents are being closed.

Because the entire process provides SAP Fieldglass solutions, the preparatory work is greatly accelerated. At the same time, the company saves on the services of an HR agency and selects the contractors who made the best offer.

It is enough to make one application in the system, and the employer will receive relevant offers without intermediaries and waste time studying dozens of resumes. All recruitment processes are conducted in accordance with internal policies and procedures.

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With the help of the solution, the company attracts the required category of employees or a team of specialists for seasonal work or for a specific project for the required period.

Employees can work remotely, in the office or on the site. At the same time, the company controls the level of integration of freelance or temporary employees into the team.

The solution also allows to involve external specialists in outsourcing. This applies to services that determine the company’s activities or for certain events – conferences, seminars, meetings, etc.



Optimization and simplification of the hiring process, one coordination process instead of a number of links – these are the key factors in the effectiveness of SAP Fieldglass.

A profile is created on the platform, an application is submitted, and then artificial intelligence works. The factor of human errors is excluded. Payment is made in the ERP system, which synchronizes and simplifies accounting.

SAP Fieldglass controls all stages and facilitates the timely execution of projects, works and services.

SAP Fieldglass provides:

  1. Transparency of all processes
  2. Ability to track changes
  3. Monitoring compliance with procedures
  4. Strengthening personnel procedures
  5. Reducing risks during audits

Finally, the company significantly simplifies and standardizes the process of personnel management, regardless of where the contractor works – in the next office or thousands of kilometers away.

This is especially true in times of radical change, when the digitalization of business and flexibility of processes leads to stability, quality competition and strengthening market positions.