SAP HANA is a high-performance platform for SAP systems and refers to increasingly popular solutions of In-Memory class. The essence of the technology, unlike traditional DBMS when database is stored on disk arrays, all system data when dealing with SAP HANA are stored in compressed form on a server RAM. This results in multiple increase of productivity when working with data. This technology has become available owing to the development of server technologies and reduction of RAM costs. The outcome is a real technical and economically reasonable possibility to get a server with high RAM capacity.

However, the benefits of SAP products at HANA platform are not limited solely by increased speed of data handling. Increased speed of data processing offers opportunities to bring SAP product functionality to a new level, which in turn allows changing the approach to doing business, making it more efficient and demonstrable, as well as strengthening control over key indices. Due to increased speed of data processing and use of a single data repository for accounting and analytical functionality, it has become possible owing analytical reporting to track performance indices in online mode and simultaneously adjust the implementation of further business operations. As for the forecasting and modeling, apart from becoming more responsive, these functions are now based on more relevant data.