SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo is an innovative digital system that integrates breakthrough technologies and seamlessly implements them in the cloud. It offers a methodology of design thinking and SAP experience to help quickly apply new capabilities and business models, as well as to speed up digital transformation.


All the latest technologies and services are combined into one intelligent system.

The Internet of Things is put on the agenda of most companies. Although the technology has existed for several decades, it is limited to operational use. The development of communications, managing big data, analytics, and cloud technologies allow us to combine these operating and information technologies to make machines more intelligent and to provide end-to-end digital conversion.

SAP Leonardo connects things to people and processes.


SAP Leonardo is intelligent involvement of people, things, and business:

  • The Internet of Things
  • Machine learning
  • Analytics
  • Big data
  • Blockchain
  • Data Intelligence
  • Design thinking

​​SAP Leonardo Internet of Things (IoT) is one of SAP Leonardo capabilities, which includes IoT solutions allowing companies to implement digital conversion of existing end-to-end business processes and to develop new business models to have them launched in digital form.

It combines powerful foundation of IoT, a number of IoT applications, and IoT-based computing as basic construction blocks and the quick start program in the form of packaged consulting applications for:

  • Significant improvement of existing business processes
  • Development of new business processes
  • Search for new business models
  • Creation of new jobs

​​SAP Leonardo Bridge integrates real-time information about things and business processes associated with them so as to transform the expanded supply chain into the live supply chain environment.

SAP Leonardo is based upon best-in-class business services that allow users to quickly create IoT applications through creation of digital twins — reusable application services, forecasting algorithms, and key technical services for high-speed data processing with an option to analyse flows and to forecast various scenarios. They come to the new-generation SAP Cloud Platform from millions of devices.

SAP Leonardo Edge Computing captures data regardless of connections, delays, device protocol issues, and (at the same time) provides intelligent programs.

The evolution of connectivity, big data management, analytics, and cloud technologies allows us to bring together operating and information technologies to make machines more intelligent and to provide end-to-end digital conversion. From the very first, IoT applications were restricted in terms of operational activities within company, and data were not used for corporate use. Owing to development of industry 4.0 and industrial Internet, customers tend to use these big data and develop rapid response intelligent programs for integrated processes that meet specific business objectives and specific industries.