United VARs – Stronger than One


AGELESS is one of Ukraine’s leading companies implementing and promoting the SAP products and solutions. Since 2019 we have been a member of United VARs having acquired a status of the SAP Platinum Partner.

This means new opportunities both for us, as a consulting company, and for our customers. Together with us you will receive the best service and consulting support when deploying and optimizing the ERP-systems of the company, the Roll-out projects for Ukrainian and international customers.

United VARs at the first glance means:

  • 50+ major vendors of SAP solutions,
  • covering over 100 countries of the world,
  • 10000+ SAP advisors for medium business,
  • serving 8000 customers all over the world,
  • one of the ten SAP Platinum global partners in the entire world.

United VARs is a powerful alliance uniting the top advisors from the countries where SAP solutions have been employed and developed for many years so far. All the alliance participants are thoroughly selected in terms of meeting the requirements to the members and gain a key advantage:


When implementing the international projects we are able to outsource the advisors and partners whose occupation meets the customers’ needs the best.




Looking for the best partner for your international project? Choose AGELESS and United VARs. Why us:

1. Multicultural team. Your project is a home game for our advisors. In every country where the alliance operates we have our local solutions suppliers, being able to follow the way of the most optimal localization. Your project will comply with the local peculiarities and realia.

Our partners speak the language, know the cultural peculiarities and the way of doing business, always following the trend of the local and legal requirements and changes. Subject to your needs, we offer either global or local services and support in the time zone and in the language required. This is true for all the stages: project planning, implementing and follow-up.

2. Leaders for medium business. United VARs alliance admits only the thoroughly selected SAP solutions supplies. AGELESS has been operating since 2006, having relevant experience of handling the SAP projects and the SAP sectoral solutions.

Therefore, we may provide you with the best practices in the business processes and transform technologies into the new business models to be the factors of your business advantages.

3. SAP Experts. The United VARs members have multi-profile experience in more than 100 sectoral solutions of SAP and 250 superstructures. Moreover, the participants enjoy access to the full portfolio of SAP, being experts in the following fields – SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA, SAP Business One, SAP cloud solutions, migration and Roll-out, consulting and support.

4. Integration experts. We help making your subsidiaries more transparent through integration of business processes, linking your international customers and creating the agreed reporting procedures. Transparency is improved through using the up-to-date SAP solutions, for example S/4 HANA or SAP Business One.

5. We are efficient and flexible. The projects international standards as implemented by United VARs and the established procedures enjoying positive feedback by the customers help securing stable quality and productivity beyond the national boundaries.

Every project under the auspices of United VARs is a piece of art. Therefore, you are able to rely on the fast decision making processes. Our structure is decentralized, that is why our participants’ business success does not depend on success or failure of the other participant. The standards, structure and the procedures make us stronger.



The members of United VARs are independent entities. Everyone has its own marketing structure and decisions solutions portfolio. However, all of them work together to achieve the common goal to make your international project successful.

AGELESS is open to the international cooperation and of the SAP solutions implementation projects, Roll-out projects and migration to SAP S/4HANA relying on the comprehensive support by United VARs.


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