Audit and Development Recommendations

The key objective of business consulting is ensuring the highest possible efficiency of all company business processes through provision of a set of services. Audit of company workflow automation and recommendations to develop the same make it possible for us to transform customer’s business from a stage of unstable growth to a stage of sustainable improvement and perfection.

As part of IT infrastructure audit, we assess the current status of IT components of customer’s company and identify its IT needs. The assessment pprocess may either encompass the entire range of IT areas, or focus on separate ones:

  • Infrastructure components and systems
  • Corporate information and technology IT systems
  • Process and control
  • Information security

Following the audit, we draw up a report containing an assessment of the current state, the list of customer needs in this area, and auditor’s recommendations on improvement measures. The assessment of current status and recommendations for improvement are provided based on modern international standards and trends for IT industry in question. Assessment results and recommended measures aimed at company development are presented to and discussed with a customer.