SAP S/4HANA Migration


Migration to SAP S/4HANA is a strategic investment in innovative business automation technologies and sustainable development. Companies that already use SAP ERP 6.0 systems must go through a complete reboot.

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In 2027 SAP will complete massive support for SAP ERP 6.0 and the SAP Business Suite. The system can be used until 2040.

At first view companies have time to “move”, however, SAP experts advise to do it now. After all the exploitation of such a system will cost additional money and will complicate the use and development.

It will be more and more difficult to adapt old versions to new business requirements.

The longer the history before the “move”, the more complex the migration map will be, which can be realized according to the following scenarios:

  • New implementation. It means a complete reboot of the business automation system with maximum use of innovations at the time of transition.
  • System conversion. Transition from the current SAP ERP 6.0 to SAP S/4HANA with maximum preservation of the client’s existing developments.
  • Landscape transformation. A new implementation scenario in which data is transferred to the target system depending on the organizational structure of the company.

The migration scenario is selected based on the results of a functional-technical assessment, which is carried out before the start of the main work. The term depends on the scale of the client’s company and may require up to 3 months of work.

At the same time, the migration itself will last up to a year and even more for a business with a large pool of developments and multi-level landscape architecture. So, it requires careful planning and preparation. The process must be organized in such a way that the implementation of the new system does not affect daily activities.

For its part, SAP SE has developed a number of additional tools in order to simplify the process. Yet at the stage of preparation, the customer defines a road map and can plan the most smooth transition.



SAP S/4HANA is an innovative high-tech and productive business automation system that provides real-time key processes in the company:

  • finances,
  • procurement,
  • production,
  • logistics,
  • sales,
  • assets management;
  • human resources management.

Flexibility and adaptability to innovation is the key to successful development and increasing market influence, strengthening leadership and, at the same time, optimization of the costs of assuring business processes.
That is why it is worth choosing SAP S/4HANA today and fundamentally reboot the lifecycle management of the company, take care of preserving historical data and integrating your own non-SAP developments.



Stay with old ERP or migrate? Decide it yourself. But the option to leave everything as it used to be would not work. Automation teaches us to be prompt in decision-making, convenient in ensuring activities and controlling of each chain of business processes.

So the earlier the migration takes place, the more competitive and managerial advantages the company will receive and get access to leading innovations. This is becoming one of the leading development factors at a time when the global economy is undergoing a profound transformation.
The ability to instantly respond to challenges and change business model comes to the fore. Modern process control solutions provide this opportunity. And SAP S/4HANA additionally integrates a number of cloud solutions that expand the capabilities of the system in the following areas:

Additionally, the functionality required by the client is implemented, taking into account the specifics of the company, industry and geography of work.

The 2020 experience has proven that the companies that use modern digital technologies have shown the strongest stability. It was them who gained competitive advantages during the pandemic and turned risks into new points of growth.



AGELESS has experience of implementing and supporting SAP products and solutions since 2006. We gained membership in United VARs and SAP Platinum Partner status. This is a recognition of our competence as a company trusted to implement state-of-the-art SAP solutions.

There are more than 50 certified consultants in our team who perform complex and non-standard projects. As a results, our clients receive a fully packaged product and service support.

We have thoroughly prepared for the release of the innovative SAP S/4HANA system and offer customers comfortable migration conditions:

  • technical assessment with the involvement of AGELESS consultants;
  • determining an optimal migration scenario for the company;
  • development of an updated IT landscape with the preservation of the main array of historical data;
  • implementation or conversion of SAP ERP system;
  • training of key users and consulting the customer’s ІТ-department.

AGELESS performs migration to SAP S/HANA with a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and a clear vision of the result – the implementation of a system that runs smoothly in real time.
Our consultants also deploy and configure cloud solutions that enhance the digital core and expand the main functionality.



First of all, AGELESS recommends a new SAP S/4HANA to the enterprises of the following fields:

  • retail,
  • telecommunication,
  • industry,
  • oil and gas,
  • fuel and energy,
  • finances,
  • transport and logistics.

For our part, we have significant experience in implementing ERP systems of previous generations. We have already acquired the necessary competencies and expertise to ensure migration to SAP S/4HANA, we have successful experience in implementing the system “from scratch” in retail field.

Don’t wait for the closing bell. It is worth developing a detailed migration road map to SAP S/4HANA and plan a timely transition to the innovative business management standards.