Roll-out and Localization of SAP Solutions for Ukraine


The growth of the organization, the opening of new branches and representative offices requires the unification of processes, and the creation of a standardized IT infrastructure. At the same time, it is a successful solution for business process automation that determines the company’s development. Also, the standardized solution allows you to implement the system in a new branch at any time.

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One of the most effective ways to work is to deploy modern ERP-systems SAP Business One and SAP S/4HANA process management systems to support operations in selected regions, entire countries, or around the world. This allows you to quickly implement standardized solutions for all businesses and form a consistent chain of processes in any industry at any time.



Companies that open subsidiaries, branches, plan at some point to globalize the key principles of business accounting. AGELESS helps to adapt and replicate SAP systems for representative offices of international companies in Ukraine. And for Ukrainian business – for representative offices abroad.

Typically, replication of SAP systems is carried out as planned. The global implementation team is developing a roadmap for replicating the system to different countries in advance, several years in advance. Adaptation of the solution is carried out by local partners in accordance with the requirements of the law and the specifics of doing business in a particular country.

During the implementation, the modules of the global ERP-system necessary for the operation of the enterprise are implemented. In Ukraine, this department is mostly:

  • finance and controlling (FI, CO),
  • materials and sales (MM, SD),
  • manufacture (PP),
  • logistics,
  • HR and payroll,
  • accounting and tax accounting.

AGELESS has extensive experience in implementing Roll-out projects and localizing SAP solutions. We have implemented projects in various industries for a number of international companies.

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Quite often, the global project team during the preparation of Roll-out in Ukraine is faced with the need to abandon the standard model of replication of the system, developed in 3-4 European countries. Features of financial and tax accounting in Ukraine, constant changes in legislation require the study of market specifics and the involvement of local partners.

Therefore, AGELESS consultants work closely with the global team in Roll-out projects. This is one of the key success factors. Our team implements a ready-made add-on according to Ukrainian legislation in SAP (SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA).



AGELESS consultants have in-depth expertise on the specifics of implementing Roll-out projects:

  • thorough knowledge of Ukrainian legislation;
  • experience in integrating local requirements with global business processes;
  • clear communication between all participants of the Roll-out and localization project;
  • compliance with implementation deadlines.

We have been working since 2006 and are constantly working to improve the services we provide to national and international customers.

Stronger than One

In 2019 AGELESS, only one in Ukraine became a member of United VARs. This powerful alliance includes 50 leading SAP partners from over 90 countries. These are about 10 thousand certified SAP consultants rendering services to more than 8,000 clients all over the world.

At the same time, the members of the alliance are independent companies. Each has its own market strategy and portfolio of solutions. However, everyone works together to achieve a common goal – to make international client projects successful.

The alliance’s credo is “Stronger than one”, and this is the basis of the United VARs philosophy, which is fully shared by AGELESS.


The AGELESS consulting team includes more than 50 certified specialists who have in-depth expertise in the implementation and development of SAP solutions in different directions.

When planning and implementing projects, we work in accordance with SAP standards and recommendations, which have proven their effectiveness. We offer standard and customized business processes tailored to the needs of the company. Our customers receive ready-made customized solutions.

We emphasize the efficiency of the systems with which the business works and care about the further development of solutions, their compliance with current market and technical requirements.

What each AGELESS customer gets:

  • use all actual capacity of SAP solutions;
  • consolidation, modernization, and optimization of IT architecture;
  • flexibility in managing change and increasing the effectiveness of business processes;
  • technical support with timely and invisible to user’s system update;
  • freeing up enterprise resources for use in other projects.

This is the result of the teamwork of AGELESS team in close contact with the customer IT department. The synergy of efforts and common goals contribute to the successful implementation of projects and return on investment.



Roll-out is a step-by-step project, where each stage has a clear sequence of execution. The compatibility of local and global processes and results depend on it. For example, this applies to transactions that take place under different accounting and financial accounting rules depending on the country.

Therefore, the completion of the project should be approached as carefully as possible, take into account each feature, and go through 9 steps on the way to successful and stable operation of the system:

  1. Fit&Gap analysis: legal requirements and needs of the local customer.
  2. Global template: SAP components according to the functional scope of work.
  3. Localization: implementation of local legal requirements.
  4. Testing: full testing of functions, scenarios, integrations.
  5. Training: training of key and end-users
  6. Documentation: business processes, training documents, FSP, TSP.
  7. Data migration: technical part with verification of data contained by the customer.
  8. Productive start: system start and support of post-productive start during 3-5 months.
  9. Correction of shortcomings of standard and expanded functionality.

Successful implementation of a roll-out or localization project is the direct area of ​​responsibility of the local partner, who assumes responsibility for a timely productive start in compliance with all specific requirements.

AGELESS is ready for new achievements aimed at the deeper integration of Ukraine into the global economy and the creation of comfortable interaction between Ukrainian and Western partners. At the same time, we are interested in helping domestic businesses successfully adapt to the realities of Western markets.