Software Development

Development of additional ABAP functionality

ABAP is a developed programming language and one of the key components of SAP software platform. An important condition for development and support of SAP system is a team of high-qualified professionals developing software based on ABAP — an internal programming language of the platform.

Our experienced team of ABAP developers, by means of application of necessary resources and capacity, makes it possible to achieve high results in implementing complex SAP projects. Job responsibilities of ABAP developers provide for their participation in system roll-out projects: creation of ABAP applications, interfaces, and reports, further testing of the same, documenting innovations and working out user manuals. The portfolio of our team includes lots of successful projects that differ in scope and level of complexity. We can work either based on terms of reference developed by your regular consultant, or else our analysts work out a problem statement for programmers as a result of communication with representatives of Customer’s business units.

Vast experience, own proven groundwork, accumulated knowledge, as well as joint efforts of our programmers allow us implementing the most complex and tailor-made projects.


Development of SAP Fiori applications

SAP Fiori is an innovative interface based on roles for all business units, types of tasks and devices, created subject to modern design principles. Special system tools allow SAP project team members to quickly create interactive applications and easily share them with users.