System Integration in Business Management

Information technologies of a modern company is a complex set of hardware and software tools and processes that should meet a number of needs:

  • Company information technologies must meet current business needs and often foresee them.
  • Addressing as much business and technological processes as possiblele.
  • Acceleration of business operations at no loss of quality for accounting and analytical functions.
  • Information systems must ensure necessary performance and reliability.
  • High scalability and flexibility to changes.
  • Required level of information security.
  • Optimal cost of implementation, development, and maintenance.

Accordingly, the development of company’s IT strategy and IT infrastructure requires taking into account all these factors, understanding the role of IT for the company, and being able to competently combine individual solutions from a wide range of existing IT solutions available at the market to achieve the best result. It is not a common thing for a company to have a team able to properly outline IT infrastructure needs and to perform a set of works to design the same. A common world practice is an involvement of outsource integrators to develop IT strategy and to design IT infrastructure.

As a partner of leading software producers, AGELESS offers IT landscape construction and modernisation services. This includes a full set of tasks: from specification of needs to comprehensive testing, document drafting, and training of users.